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Greetings everyone! My name is Nick Messersmith. I was born in Seongnam, South Korea, in 1985. I was adopted and came to the U.S.A. in 1986, just 24 days shy of my first birthday. My parents wanted me to keep a part of my culture, so they signed me up for Taekwondo when I was only 5 years old. I have been doing it ever since. It inspired me to do several things. Taekwondo became my life so much that I chose a college to attend based on Taekwondo programs. I went to Junior College for 2 years, then I attended Iowa State University strictly for Taekwondo. They had an elite program at that time. The team was always ranked in the top 3 in the nation amongst some of the best  Taekwondo  colleges.  I received 2nd place in my

weight division at the 2007 National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships. That summer my Grandmaster sent me to Korea to train with a special program for Korean Adoptees. When I returned, I could no longer go to school just for Taekwondo, I had to focus on my degree. I enrolled at The University of Iowa Film School the next fall. I was a member of their Taekwondo team as well. I received 3rd place in my division at the 2008 National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships. I graduated from there.


I thought about moving to L.A., or New York. At the time, Iowa was primed for Film. Due to a scandal, Iowa lost its film incentives and film moved away. I began teaching, in 2011 began running The University of Iowa’s Taekwondo program, and I became the Head Coach of the team. Also, at the same time, I had acted in my first film. It was an MTV film called, Spread written and directed by the same writers who wrote the 2018 film, A Quiet Place. Following, I had a small role in a film called, Kung Fu Graffiti. I then wrote, directed, and acted in my first full length action film where I also did the Fight Choreography and Stunts. It was titled A "Brief" Case. After that, I was only doing film every once in a while, to remain active, but was focusing on teaching Taekwondo and the beauty of Korean Culture, until I was offered the role of a lifetime in 2017. There was a fan film being made for the G.I. Joe franchise, and I was offered the role of Storm Shadow and Fight Choreographer. I accepted it and soon after I was offered to be in a movie with Chiu Chi Ling from Kung Fu Hustle. I have experienced a lot in my life and have traveled to 38 states in the U.S. I have experience from the real world, along with the film industry. Some say my outlook is much different. I hope you will enjoy my thoughts. Please follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and add me on Facebook. Check out my YouTube page and subscribe. I will be adding new content for Asian Americans this year and also check out my imdb page and like it if you have time.


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