The blogosphere abounds with the experiences of international adoptees. For better, or worse, South Korea is one of the first nations that gets mentioned as a chief exporter of children. This experience has its share of positive and negative repercussions. We are not here to really delve into that. We feel there are plenty of voices out there who advocate for the cessation of international adoption with equally strong voices who are strong proponents of the value of international adoption. This debate is far too great for our feeble minds to chime in and provide a constructive viewpoint.


Instead, what we aim to do is to deal with the present for those already having experienced this. We strive to first and foremost to entertain people who can relate to situations, anecdotes, and adjustments provided in an amusing manner. We would also like to be a voice for male perspective, which, sadly, is not very visible within society today. So, our primary mission statement and reason we ask for your subscription is as follows:


1. Create an environment not abound with negativity. Serious issues require serious statements. But, if we forget our ability to laugh and find humour in things, then we have lost a little bit of our humanity. A funny story might originate from pain and suffering, but we have absolute control of our narrative and we choose to express it in an amusing manner.


2. Promote Asian-American Male Positivity. There is a saying, "If you aren't part of the solution, then you are part of the problem". What needs to be done is for more Asian American males to start projecting their voices and create awareness that we are far more valuable than what society considers our worth. We would like to direct that narrative and also become a role model for what a modern day Asian American is.


3. Provide a forum for people to share their experiences not to be focused on politics, religion, or other explosive tipping points. Please don't pray for us, we'll be fine just the way we are. But, please, please, please share your thoughts that will put a smile on someone's face because people need to think about your perspective in a positive manner and encourage others in their times of need.


That's about it. We have big plans for further development of this site and what it can offer our subscribers. We would love to get your feedback and we cannot thank you enough for your support. We continually strive to give you the best content that we can provide.


Thanks so much,


Derek & Kori

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