Everything is Just Duckie

As you can see from the picture, I have some rubber duckies in my office. People will occasionally inquire as to why I have bathtub toys displayed on the shelf. I will tell you what I have told all of them.

Have you ever seen waterfowl in motion? They appear to be gliding on the surface of the water. Have you ever seen a human being in motion in the water? Flailing, splashing, loud, and obvious. Ducks glide...with a little ripple behind them. Now, UNDER the water? That's a whole different story. Their flippered feet are furiously paddling away. It is a striking contrast to the tranquility above the surface. All that motion underneath, where it can't be seen.

I strive to live life like a duck. I want the furious motions and activities to be unseen. I want the outside world to see a picture of tranquility. All they need to know is I am smoothly gliding my way to my destination. What purpose does it serve to show everyone all the activities we are doing?

Most people tend to live life like they swim. If they are in the water then, damn it, everyone is going to know about it. That may, or may not be a bad thing. I've found by being calm and tranquil, in spite of the fact that my life is quite the opposite, people won't bother me with follow up questions. Sometimes it’s those questions that make things even worse.

So if you see me, hopefully you'll think everything is awesome. Only if you actually take the time to dive below the surface, will you see if that is actually true or not? Just the way I want it.

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