Cufflink of the Week - Hourglass

Fewer topics have been more broadly discussed than "time." This is one of my favorite pairs of cufflinks because they remind me of the finite amount of it we have. The more intricate the cufflink, the more I appreciate the design and craftsmanship. The fact that these are functional hourglasses with real sand in them makes them even cooler, in my opinion. Few of my cufflinks actually have a utility to them, or have any moving components, so the ones that do definitely catch my eye. The time it measures is 6 seconds, or about the length someone needs to research something to form an opinion qualifies them to be an expert and comment online about it.

The older I get, the more I seem to lack this precious resource of time. I have found that not only do more and more things become urgent, but the pleasurable moments also seem to accelerate where hours turn into minutes and minutes into seconds. Time with a dear friend just zips along. A weekend goes by faster than a ripe pear takes to turn into brown gooey mush (yeah, I'm still on a pear tangent, I'm having a hard time letting it go). It has become apparent to me I could probably enjoy my time a little bit more if I would stop doing something consuming most of it -- freaking out about how fast time is going. It's like having a ticking time bomb and just sitting there screaming, "It's ticking! More time is going away! We're going to die!" instead of googling how to defuse a bomb, or running to Redbox to go rent Speed, or Blown Away.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things in my life that seem to just drag on and take an eternity to complete. 30-60 minutes of working out at the gym, in my mind, takes the entire evening. Don't even get me started about work. Considering I just started the journey of getting my degree, I'm sure completing a lot of my classes is going to feel glacial. Dental appointments. The proctology exam takes WAY too long. Hell, pretty much anything medically related. When I was a kid, church sermons seemed to last decades.

When I had my marketing firm, we had a saying we used frequently. It was QTQP. It stood for Quality Time with Quality People. Time spent with customers, time spent building our teams, time spent in developing ourselves professionally was about QTQP. It had an application in everything we did. I would suggest it has an application in all you do in your life, as well. I look around and see such poor-quality time in the world. Go to a restaurant, and see how many people are on their phones when they could be having actual conversations. All those precious moments spent gossiping about someone or watching vicariously at the lives of terrible people and families on television instead of trying to improve your own terrible people in your very own terrible families. So, all too often we are spending quality time with the wrong people, or we are spending garbage time with the right ones. I think you'll know when you are actually experiencing QTQP, because you'll think in your head, "This is an awesome moment. I want to remember this." If you can't wait to leave, or you are feeling like there are so many better things to be doing then perhaps you need to reconsider whether it is truly quality time, or whether it is a quality person you're sharing it with.

We seem to consider a second like a penny. It's not even worth picking up, or considering how it's spent because the important stuff is measured in hours and larger units of time. I know I don't even take pennies in change. I put them straight into the tray. It's irritating for me to even handle those coins. But, there have been times in my life where a $5 bill would have come in handy, and I know for sure I have thrown away far more than $100 in pennies in my life so far. My seconds lost in playing thousands of minesweeper games on the computer are more crushing to me than any shares of Enron that became worthless would be. So, these cufflinks are a reminder to me I'm on the clock, and I’d better be vigilant on how I spend these precious moments. Eventually, I won't need something silly like a cufflink to remind me. I'll have no choice, but to spend it wisely because the grains of sand will almost be gone.

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