Asian Heritage Month

It’s great we had our own month. But, do we need to do more? When I say “we,” I mean Asians. Some states have a festival. In Iowa, we have a Celebrasian. But, is one celebration during the month enough?? Should we do more? Should we promote our heritage to the world more than just a day? I say YES! We need more representation everywhere. Bruce Lee once said, “People will always fear foreign things,” i.e. people, culture, food, but if we show them that culture, the true beauty of that culture, then they will accept it because it’s no longer foreign. I believe in this. That is why I’ve devoted the last 8 years pouring my heart into teaching Taekwondo. Now, I must show them in a much different way on a bigger stage….CINEMA/Film.

I would love for Asians to someday have their own superhero, much like Black Panther. I would love to see several Asian TV shows other than Fresh Off the Boat, and I most definitely would love to see an Asian man be the romantic lead in a major motion picture. Change needs to happen. Now. Asians, we need to stop segregating ourselves with Chinese only supporting Chinese, and Koreans only supporting Koreans etc. We need to support each other as an Asian race. Go see the film, Crazy Rich Asians. It’s our one chance to show we can bring in box office numbers. Please support all Asians in media. I will post a list on social media later this week.

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