I've been getting in a lot of fights lately online. I've unfriended people on Facebook and I have become more vocal on issues that are hugely important to me. Never before have I felt that perhaps we would just be better off if we split into two countries. Y'all can have the red states, and I'll scurry my left-wing ass back to the blue states. I just don't see the hyper partisanship and fundamental differences being bridged to a satisfaction of either side. I started thinking about past precedence for this and how much enmity there exists in areas of such similar cultural and ethnic backgrounds. I got to witness for myself the scars in the Ulster region of Ireland and neighboring Northern Ireland. I saw the barely healed wounds of the Spanish Civil War when I lived in Barcelona. I am a native-born Korean who can count 25 million ethnic Koreans living in North Korea in a situation still volatile and unstable. I have observed incredible animus between Turks and Greeks. I have watched on television the fighting between Palestinians and Israelis. Shiites and Sunnis. House Gryffindor against House Slytherin. The list goes on and on. And the people are pretty much exactly the same. Often times the biggest reason for enmity is which imaginary friend in the sky they believe in, or how they should interpret the meaning of the same imaginary friend. Other reasons to despise and hate each other are ideological.

I sometimes pretend to be an alien visiting this planet for the first time. I try to empty my mind of all preconceived notions and biases I have developed and just be completely ignorant to what has happened. My inspiration for this level of mental emptiness is to become like a typical professional wrestling fan. Once I am devoid of any constructive thought whatsoever, I listen to both sides explain to me why they are trying to kill the other side. A lot of these arguments end up with both sides telling me, the alien, that I just don't understand. And then, I tell both sides, "Well, at least you two can agree on that." These are very different from the imaginary arguments I have with my wife, which just like in real life, I still manage to always lose. Some of these imaginary arguments are just rooted in selfishness. On both sides. So, there is strong similarity on many of these issues.

Ok, so if there is ethnic similarity, and both sides are selfish in their beliefs, then surely what must be different is the actual territory they are fighting for, right? When I am flying, I like to look out the window and try to see things that are clearly different from where I had just left. There are some areas that have natural borders. So, you can clearly see one side of the Rio Grande from the other. But when you are flying over the US/Canadian border, can you tell where one country ends, and one country starts? Does the Mason/Dixon line divide that clearly geographically amongst US states? I've concluded borders are essentially stupid. Borders are meant to divide and separate. However, we have GLOBAL issues to deal with. Issues that require unity and cooperation. It seems to me half this country wants to continue their policies and beliefs of separation. And, the standard they want to separate is on skin pigmentation. Which may be the absolute dumbest reason of all.

Imagine a plate of food at Thanksgiving. You have the mashed potatoes and you build a little gravy lake in the mashed potatoes. Effort is made to prevent the gravy from spilling out and "infesting" the green beans, sweet potato casserole, and creamed corn. There is other gravy -- the "legal" gravy we allow on the turkey. Everything on the plate has its own place. That's kind of how I see conservatives viewing how the world should be. The gravy needs to be contained, dammit! Build that mashed potato wall so that the bad gravy doesn't spoil the purity of the brussels sprouts. It doesn't matter that the good, "legal" gravy is already touching the sprouts from the turkey. We're obsessed with keeping that dam of whipped spuds intact, so the gravy doesn't spill out. Here's the problem. IT'S ALL GOING INTO YOUR FUCKING STOMACH ANYWAY. You are obsessed with the layout of the plate, whereas I am focused on what's going to happen in the stomach. The stomach is life as a whole. We need that gravy, legal and illegal. All the food gets chewed up and processed for the nutrients. There is nutritional value in all the components of the plate. And there is waste and useless components as well. Again, we'll call that waste....Kardashians. Whether you are a turkey nutrient, a mashed potato nutrient, or a gravy nutrient, you will contribute to the overall welfare of the body. The body is this whole planet. We have planetary problems. Overpopulation, climate change, telemarketers, diminishing resources all require the combined efforts of all people of all nations.

The days of isolationism are gone. Through globalization, we are intertwined together, like it or not. Many of you don't. You chafe at the idea that your way of life will be disrupted. You yearn for the Leave it to Beaver days to return when cops were the good guys and minorities either knew their place, or just plain didn't exist at all. Ward and June Cleaver never met a Guatemalan, or a Pakistani. I'm sure that sounds absolutely wonderful and divine to some of you. Just understand one thing. It will also be equally wonderful and divine to the Guatemalan and Pakistani when working together they economically destroy your ass. There will come a time in the not too distant future where we Americans will become the gravy. We will be the undesirables relying on others. If you think that just waving the foam #1 finger and yelling "'Murica! Fuck yeah!" is a better tactic than working hard to stay ahead of the competition, then you're a huge contributor to our nation's demise.

So, that basically is your choice. Either be the plate of food, or the stomach. Mix it all up, or preserve your precious borders and purity of all the different foods. Too bad you'll never benefit from any of it. It will just sit there, useless. Progress will happen, with or without you. I know it's scary learning new things and adapting. After all, you've probably led a life where you didn't have to do any of that. That's why you can say stupid things like, "They should just move here legally" and, "The parents are to blame for putting their children at risk." Funny how none of you were saying that when desperate parents were trying to toss their children into the last helicopters out of Vietnam. I sort of hope none of you change your mind because you are waste. You have no nutritional value whatsoever. The global stomach cannot process you. You are the gristly piece of meat that is left on the plate because it is inedible. When all the rest of the food is consumed, all that is left is the gristle. And when all that is left is inedible gristle on the plate, you'll look around and realize, shit, some gravy sounds really nice. The only thing is, there won't be any gravy left. Enjoy the isolation. I'm jumping into the stomach and am going to make a difference.

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