Cufflink of The Week

There are some immutable signs of aging that are impossible to ignore or deny. It is a guaranteed fact that the older one gets, the earlier dinner time becomes. The waist of pants starts to creep millimeters higher. Ear hair gets trimmed more than top of head hairs. And, words you use to describe things are no longer relevant or valid. I was talking with someone recently and I was wondering if kids these days know the international hand gesture for opening the window, which is pretending to roll the window down. No vehicles are made anymore with a handle to open/close windows, it's all automated.

Pretty soon there will come a time where I will talk about one of my favorite games to play and people will be very confused as to what I am talking about. That game is Scrabble. I will have to describe it to a bewildered person and then they will have a look of recognition and say "Oh! You mean Words with Friends!" And then, I will facepalm myself and just sigh. I should take solace that at least it's still a popular game today.

There is a good reason why pride is considered a deadly sin. It often gets in the way of progress. I have to reluctantly admit something. I have a small amount of pride in my Scrabble skills. The reason why is because English is not my first language. I know it's petty, but I have a secret satisfaction when I beat true native English speakers. It's petty because I've been speaking English for 38 years of my life now. No one can dispute that I have acquired native level proficiency in the language. Although if you read this blog, you'll probably refute that claim.

Some of you who are huge Words with Friends fans might be looking at this cufflink like it's a relic. Yes, it's the exact same tile you see on the screen of your phone when you are playing the game. Only this tile you can actually touch and put on a real live board! The problem with genuine Scrabble for many people is that it requires actual physical interaction with other people. This is a horrifying concept to consider. It's far easier to play a game on the phone where you play when you want, how you want, and where you want. The thing is, Scrabble isn't meant to be easy. Maybe Scrabble/Words with Friends is a good representation of life itself. Scrabble is the old way, which works all the time, Words with Friends is the new way, much more convenient and easier, but lacking in the connective ability to enhance the living/playing experience.

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