325KAMRA - Reuniting Families Through DNA

If you are overloaded with commitments, what is the smartest thing to do? If you said "Pile more things on your plate!", then you and I think exactly the same way! There is absolutely no way I would even contemplate taking on something more unless there was a really good reason to do so. School is absolutely kicking my ass. Not grade wise -- I'm currently at a high A grade in all my classes -- it's just the simple time commitment all the assignments take. The good news is that I know I can handle even more credits for the fall semester since it is significantly longer than the summer session. So that's your brief Penn State update.

Working full time, doing this blog, going to school, and spending time with the family is a healthy workload. I mean, who needs a healthy 5 hours of sleep a night? I mean my wife would probably prefer a less cranky husband. And a little more help around the house, but let's face it, that wasn't exactly my strong suit before I went to school anyway.

So what is this new workload that I've added? Good question, rhetorical questioner! I have been asked to join the board of directors of a non-profit called 325Kamra. This is an organization that is committed to one thing - creating connections through the incredible science of DNA matching. Being a part of this community, I have come to realize just how important it is for many adoptees to find their roots. While it is not a driving force in my life, I do know that if I have the ability to provide assistance, then I would be terribly remiss in not doing so. I have severe ethical issues with renting out Han Mu as a surrogate biological father, mostly because I don't think anyone else could handle his frequent drunk dials. So in the absence of springing on the healthiest dying man you'll ever meet as your connection to Korea, the next best thing is to work and advocate for an organization that assists people in re-connecting with biological family.

Personally, I do not feel very passionately about this. My "real" parents are golfing their asses off in the Villages in Central Florida. My "real" sister is probably spoiling the shit out of her only child and making stupidly creative art designs out of used cupcake wrappers. On a side note, I swear my nephew, Oliver, is so fucked when he goes looking for a wife. No woman will be able to do the things that my sister does for him. So here's hoping that Ollie becomes a fabulous drag queen and likes dudes instead. That would make Asspants, my brother-in-law from Oklahoma REAL happy, I'm sure. My whole experience with adoption has been one of blissful ignorance. My trip to Korea was one of compassion and mercy, not an opportunity to find out my past. Proof of that is that I forgot to ask what the name of the woman who gave birth to me was. I think I got distracted by the whole pants into prostitution story to ask. Next time, I suppose.

So if I am not passionate about this, and I have a metric fuckton of things on my plate already, why am I doing this? And the answer is: IT'S NOT ABOUT ME. There are certain things in life that require sacrifice. I don't need a pat on the back here, I want to show you that it is possible to do things that don't benefit you, don't involve you, don't advance you, but are still the right and proper thing to do. All too often I hear of people becoming supporters only after it directly effects them. I really believe the majority of people don't care until that selfish button is pressed. Well, maybe this is completely kumba-ya of me, but I really do believe that if we all just considered for once what was important to others and acted accordingly, maybe this world would be a better place for it. Plus I could use some company over here in Frazzled Land.

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