Cufflink of the Week: Fish Skeletons

Remember that old TV gameshow called $25,000 Pyramid? What a sad sign of the times that $25,000 isn't even considered a lot of money for game shows. What an even sadder sign of the times that people are willing to go on television for far less than that as well. I was thinking about that show when I was getting ready to write today's post. I was imaging my friends playing the show, and the category is "Personality Traits of Derek Fisher." Then I imagined people using the following words: intense, sarcastic, annoying, driven. If you really wanted to confuse people, you would use the adjective that I think of when I see these cufflinks: whimsical.

I often marvel that people come to such erroneous conclusions about me, in fact I wrote an assignment for Cultural Diversity about this very topic. What many people believe with absolute certainty about me just isn't remotely close to true. So I know you think I'm lying when I say this, but whimsical can, in fact, absolutely be used to describe me.

Fish skeletons remind me of three things. The first thing is the Little Mermaid, and I don't think that needs further explanation, thank you very much. The second thing is how closely related it is to my surname, Fisher. And the third thing is that I think fish is very yummy. BAM! Blog post done! Ahhh, if it were only that easy. I'm sensing dissatisfaction at my explanation. Fine, let's go back and discuss and analyze fish skeleton cufflinks to death. No, it's ok, I really don't have anything better to do. Clearly you didn't read yesterday's post about how insanely busy I am.

Skeletons are odd things. They actually scare the hell out of me. All too often I think about the fact that I'll be a skeleton one day. What I enjoy about these cufflinks is that they take skeletons and in an incredibly bizarre way, make them fun. I think that is what our goal should be for our lives. Take our legacy, take our remains, and make whoever experiences them less uncomfortable. Live a life so that when you are gone and someone mentions you, what follows is a smile and a fond recollection that provides one last enjoyable memory. A happy skeleton is hopefully a strong indicator of a happy previous life. I hope that when I'm gone I provide a lot of people with one last smile or laugh. Please don't make a cufflink inspired by my skeleton, though.

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