We're #1!

Back in the day, before American television caught on to it and of course fucked it all up, there was a brilliant Japanese TV show called Iron Chef. In the beginning of every episode was a quote by Brillat-Savarin - "Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you what you are." I was thinking about that through the issues with this dog that we found. No, I was not considering eating the dog! I'm adopted from Korea, not raised as a Korean! Sheesh. No, I was thinking about ways to identify someone's character or a region's character by the actions or other identifiable traits.

Before I go into my slanderous diatribe, let me just say that there is no perfect region of the world or the United States. Except Napa Valley. That place is pretty fucking sweet. But besides Napa, all other places here have their issues and problems. Some places just have more problems than others. I live in a county that voted 70% for Donald Trump and re-elects perhaps the dumbest pile of shit to have ever existed to Congress every two years. I'm talking about Louie "I love to prove how galactically fucktardedly stupid I am" Gohmert. Just recently I read a report of how Smith County is lagging behind other counties in Texas in many health statistics. It is the only county out of 254 in Texas that did not see a decrease in infant mortality. That's right, Tylerites! We're number one! We also crushed it in obesity, chronic disease, suicide, and lower life expectancy in general.

To say that I view this region with contempt is putting it mildly. The person that we put in Congress says it all. The school board is being met with fierce resistance on changing a high school's name from Robert E. Lee to something more politically sensitive, like "We'll Always Hate People of Colour High." And to add more fuel to the fire, let's talk about how people treat their animals here in good ol' East Texas. See, I happen to believe that instead of judging people on what they eat, I think an accurate barometer of decency is how they treat their animals.

We posted about the puppy we found on the lost and found of Tyler page on Saturday. 43 more posts have gone up about lost dogs since then. I went to the Lost and Found Dogs and Pets of Reading, PA, the region of similar size closest to where I grew up. Do you know how many posts they have in the same period of time? SEVEN. 43 vs. 7. The reality is that people, as a whole, treat their pets like shit down here. Does that mean that is everyone? Of course not. If you just hung around the people that we associate with, you'd be convinced that Smith County is the capital of dog pampering. The Sane One is the Executive Director of Therapet, and many of the people we associate with have ties to this incredible organization and are amazing dog owners. Too bad the rest of the population can't follow their compassionate lead. Nope, the rest of them seem to not really give a shit what happens to their pets. I hear stories daily (I wish I was exaggerating but I'm really not) of dogs getting hit because their owners weren't responsible enough to properly secure them. We're pretty convinced that Kiri got dumped off and left to fend for herself. Ranga was literally treated like garbage. He was left in a Whataburger dumpster. How awesomely CHRISTIAN of those folks to do that!

Yeah, I'm boiling mad about the dismal condition of animal welfare here. I think it is a perfect representation of the disgusting and absolutely hypocritical viewpoints that many people have here. They'll picket a Planned Parenthood clinic here that doesn't even perform abortions because of the sanctity of life, but then they'll just dump their animals to who knows what fate as soon as they get home. The worst part about it? You can't convince people here that there is something wrong. Nope, everything is just star-spangled fucking awesome. It would be even better if liberal assholes like me would just leave. That's why they love that billboard that was put up telling liberals to keep on driving through the state of Texas. To the silent and very small minority of rational people here in Smith County, my heart goes out to you. I think I might have met all of you in the three years I have been here. You're a great bunch of folks. To the rest of this region, when you're done buying more ammo for the great threat that never appears, go take a hard look at yourself in the mirror when you get home. Because you are the face of the problem of terrible health, full shelters, high domestic abuse, and corruption. Thank goodness we can't buy hard alcohol here, or it would even be worse. But hey, the good news is that every 100 feet or so there is a church where you can supposedly go learn how to be a decent fucking human being.

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