It's All About Seoul

Recently Sirius Satellite Radio debuted a new radio station. To the Sane One's and my delight, it was the Billy Joel channel. Billy Joel all day and all night! We both are avid fans of the Piano Man (and we both agree that the song "Piano Man" is kinda overrated) to the point that the inscription in our wedding bands is "You're my home." An amusing anecdote to go with that is when we were picking out our wedding bands, the saleslady noticed some hesitation on my part when we were figuring out the inscriptions. The Sane One looked at me in confusion because there are no other words that would even come close to capturing what our relationship means. I knew it wasn't the time to offer some silly suggestion for an inscription like "Do not heat in microwave" or "Do not remove under penalty of law." We have told each other "you're my home" so many times and listened to Billy Joel's "You're My Home" on countless occasions. Of course "You're my home" would be the inscription, with "Always" right next to it. So she was definitely confused as to why I was hesitating on confirming that. Then our salesperson looked at me and said the best thing ever. She said "You don't trust us to get the spelling right, do you?" To which I responded, "Well, this is East Texas..." She hit the nail on the head. I was envisioning getting our bands and peering inside to see "Your my homey - all ways." There was just so much risk that it would actually happen! Happily, they didn't screw it up, and we got our wish. Anyway, back to the original point of this post, which is that Billy Joel wrote a song on his very last album, River of Dreams, called "It's All About Soul." Unlike "Piano Man," "It's All About Soul" will never be sung in gleeful content by throngs of drunken patrons of bars. It was not, how would you say it...commercially successful. Which of course means I totally dig the song.

I was driving down the road the other day and this song came on and it got me thinking. Before this year, if I heard the word "soul," I would have thought of James Brown or Christian Conservatives claiming I don't have one. Now, after what has occurred this year, when I hear "soul," I instead think of Seoul. Believe it or not, Billy Joel said that the original title of "It's All About Soul" was "The Motorcycle Song" and it was a faster tune about middle-aged dentists and insurance salesmen getting themselves in biker gear and buying Harleys. I kinda wish he went with that, because now every time I hear this song, I think about Korea. And it's driving me nuts. I like fish, why couldn't I be thinking about "sole." Come to think of it, a Sole Almondine sounds pretty tasty right about now. With a nice glass of 2013 Chateau Coutet Sauvignon Blanc. I wonder if Red Lobster is serving that pairing. Probably not, better off going to Long John Silvers instead. But noooo, now It's All About Seoul.

Seoul is a place that haunts me. It draws me in, oftentimes against my will and own self-interests. Korea has not been kind to me, and yet, like Tina Turner, it seems to be my Ike. What about it makes me dwell on it and devote so much thought and time to its existence? And why do I keep fighting its presence in my mind? How long will this struggle continue? Who shot JR? I was just checking to see if you were still paying attention. I don't know the answer, but the mainstream media is reporting that the person who shot JR was a Trump supporter, but all the conservatives are saying it's a Democratic false flag operation. I dunno, but Kristin Shepard sounds like a name of a Trump Supporter if you ask me, and the show was called Dallas, you know.

As more and more things are triggering associations (stubbornly keeping this theme alive) with Korea and as I am learning more and more about Korea and its culture, the role that I play in this new world is positively befuddling. I feel like it's halftime in this battle and the score is all tied up. I don't know if there are any other adoptees from Korea who feel this way. Most of them seem pretty jazzed about their newfound connections with the motherland. I would make this following t-shirt, but I don't think it would sell very well. But I guess it would best describe who I am at the moment:

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