Circular Firing Squads Are More Common Than You Think

It probably is no secret that I lean very left in my political ideologies. This gets me in quite a bit of trouble because I'm not exactly taciturn in expressing my beliefs. I have become very alarmed at a trend that is gaining traction within the progressive community that I think also has relevance in the adoption community. Impossible ideological purity. President Obama stated his concern related to the actions of the very vocal minority among liberals to immediately call for the complete banishment as the preferred method of punishment when it comes to public figures who make mistakes. It is very possible that when I was much younger, I had a low tolerance for people making mistakes. As I have accumulated a very impressive resume of mistakes in my life, I suppose time and perspective have caused me to become much more forgiving of mistakes. That perspective has not been embraced enthusiastically with the soy latte consuming, pumpkin spice obsessed Savonarolas that bully the social media universe, particularly Twitter.

Jeffrey Berry and Sarah Sobieraj wrote a very interesting book called The Outrage Industry: Political Opinion Media and the New Incivility. I'm not going to bore you with a book report about it, but it is a very worthwhile read for those few of you out there that still know how to operate an actual book. The interesting thing is that this was written in 2016 when Twitter was popular, but not absolute in its influence. I don't see Twitter going away any time soon, no matter how many times I wish it so. It's a pretty sad indictment of my political junkie status that when I blow out candles, Twitter's demise is what's on my mind. My exhaustion of seeing titles like "Twitter loses its mind over AOC comments" in respectable news outlets is absolute. Twitter is supposed to lose its mind. Apparently that it is its sole function. You get 261 million Twitter users, 79% of them American, and you are guaranteed outrage over everything.

In the adoptee world, I have seen people apply the same hyper-outrage in precisely the same manner. It doesn't matter if someone shared the same perspective as you 99 times in a row. If they communicate the 100th time something that you disagree with, that significant body of agreement is completely forgotten. That person is now your sworn enemy and the biggest pile of shit that's ever existed. A powder keg that is just waiting to go thermonuclear is Korea's recent decision to legalize abortion. Now, to be fair (Yes, Sane One, you can sing "To be fair" Letterkenny style), abortion is a pretty well-known powder keg. But I've seen bullshit visceral reactions to the appropriateness of putting ghost peppers into kimchi. WHICH YOU SHOULDN'T EVER DO. Ha ha ha. Truthfully, I couldn't give a flying fuck what someone puts in kimchi, because it just really isn't that important. I, myself, got swept up in the

SJW criticisms when I remarked on the poetic justice of the Korean trend of men using makeup for the times in my past when I went to bed with a supermodel and woke up the next morning to a lagoon creature. You would have thought I shot Ruth Bader Ginsberg with an AR-15 containing gluten bullets made by Al Franken. Humour is now a dangerous minefield that most people don't even bother to traverse anymore. Someone invariably will be offended.

Conflict is inevitable whenever large groups are formed. My wish is that we apply some pragmatism and perspective when deciding to apply our full arsenal of fury. Being angry all the time is exhausting and psychologically damaging. I believe that the adoptee community already has a large amount of damage without needing to pile on any more. I also believe that a large reason why the community suffers from such a small visible presence is because of the comprehensive internecine warfare that exists within various factions. We fracture into nano-groups that have no real presence. Congratulations for creating your little group titled Pro-Life KADS who hate Trump but love guns but also support immigration. I'm not sure what will be accomplished in the membership, besides validation that you aren't the only one who thinks this way. By the way, that is a fictional group that I just made up, please do not get inspiration and create it.

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