There is Value

A $20 bill. Pictured above are two $20 bills. If you found the second, crumpled up $20 bill would you pick it up? Of course, you would. Why? Because, it is still $20 and has value. People are like this as well. We may no longer be, through life's trials and tribulations, the crisp, flat, and untouched $20 bill in the first picture. But, it doesn't diminish our intrinsic value. Sometimes many of us forget this. We may be ripped, soiled, smudged, and crumpled, but we have not lost our original value. We are not worthless because we don't look as good as other $20 bills, or feel as good. We spend the same, our worth is equal. As life tramples you, please never lose sight of the fact your value is still the same and don't consider yourself any less worthy than what you truly are.

Have a terrific day!