Thanks for visiting this blog! My name is Derek Fisher and I am an international adoptee. My birth certificate says I was born in Korea and my first six years of my life were spent there, but that's where it pretty much ends. I'm about as Korean as Taco Bell is Mexican food. Yeah there's a tortilla, but good luck getting an encharito in Zacatecas. Maybe we can come up with a better example that doesn't shit on amazing and alarmingly affordable fast food. Hold on, let me think....got it! Let's pretend we're taking the SAT again. Derek is to Korea as: Ikea is to Sweden. We both were purchased, arrived in pieces (literally), the instructions are infuriating, and when it's all done, we both have a couple screws loose. My Billy bookcases told me it was ok to say that. Although my Bjursta dining room table thinks I'm a racist asshole.  

I recently and reluctantly went back to Korea. We'll get into that A LOT throughout this blog. But one of the bright spots from the trip was discovering a group called Korean American Adoptees. In my brief time in this group, I quickly realized that sometimes we just need to take a break from our issues, pain, loss, and struggles and just laugh. I found myself posting things that I thought might make people laugh and enough people were encouraging that here we are.  


I hope you find this to be a place that can make you laugh, motivate you, connect, vent, or do whatever you want as someone that has been effected by international adoption. This is not a platform that will be pro adoption or anti adoption. It's just a place where hopefully you walk away in a little better mood, a little smarter for having spent some time with me (Fact: There are no squirrels in New Zealand. There, mission accomplished), and a little more connected with people who won't make you feel so alone.  

And to answer white people's question: I'm really from the big

blue marble of Earth. And so are you.